Showbox for PC Download on Windows to Watch Showbox APK Movies

Showbox is a great application that offers huge storage option for TV shows, movies, and cartoons. You will no longer miss out any TV shows and can watch it after coming back from work on your PC. Now HD movie streaming and downloading is free with the emergence of this application. The application was initially built for Android but because of its immense popularity, It has been developed for iOS and for Windows PC. Now enjoy watching movie both online and offline with the installation of the application on your PC. Here go the two methods by which you can install the Showbox for PC / Laptop on Windows 10/8.1/7.

With the emergence of technology, Showbox application has been developed. You will watch all your favorite shows and movies with Showbox for PC on your Windows operating system. No longer will you feel disappointed even if you miss so many episodes as Showbox comes to your rescue. So do not waste a split second after you get to know about the application and install on your PC to get started. The application has a huge collection of old and new movies and will last a lifetime.

Method 1: Showbox for PC Installation Using Android Emulator:

Showbox for PC

With the help of Android Emulator, you can download anything on your PC what is for Android. You have to download and then install the emulator on the PC then start installing the file for Showbox application and then open with the emulator.

  1. Choose a reliable and free Android emulator on the cyberspace, begin the download and then install the software on your Windows computer. is the best Android emulator and We will always refer to our readers.
  2. In the next step download the APK file of the Showbox application from Here
  3. Open the Showbox application with emulator then start watching HD movies and TV shows from the huge collection of the database.

Method 2: Install Using The Winx You Tube Downloader:

WinX You Tube Downloader is considered the best Showbox alternative for your PC. It is free and capable of downloading full movie, Disney films, videos and funny contents from Youtube. This software support 4K and 1080 HD movie downloading. It is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. The software guarantees fast movie download and has high speed and quality. Here are the steps by following you can use it for free once the installation is done on your PC.

  1. Download and Install:

The software is compatible with windows. You are eligible for downloading and installing as Showbox alternative on Windows 7, 8 and 10 respectively. You need to visit the official site, check your network environment and click on the “Free Download” button. Browse through for choosing the output destination and then save the file.

  1. Select Movie Online:

Double click on the software icon for starting. After you see the interface clicks the URL button on the navigation bar. Copy URL of any movie which you find on the online movie websites which the software supports and paste the URL into the address column.

  1. Download HD Movie:

WinX YouTube Downloader will give you the general information like the sizes, formats codec and resolution. Depending on your need you can choose any one of the options. Hit the RUN button to start downloading. Wait for a few seconds to complete the download process. After the download ends, you will find the movie in the chosen folder on your hard drive. You can open it to play directly on the PC, save it to the USB or hard disk, you can even stream it or transfer it your mobile devices.

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The application is just appropriate for the movie buff. If you love watching movies but do not know how to use the application then worry no more. The application has been so developed that even a novice man can find it easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface and after you install it on your PC you can enjoy the application as you get to watch your favorite shows and watch the latest movies without even going to the theater. As soon as the movies are released, It comes on the Showbox thus making it easier for you to watch. All you need to do is to install it and enjoy.

Download Showbox App for iPad, iPhone and all iOS Devices

If you are looking for best movie app on your iOS device then here is the Showbox for iPad iPhone. Showbox is the best entertainment App to watch movies and TV Shows free online. Immense workload taking a toll on everything. People nowadays are so immersed in their work that they hardly get time to watch their favorite television series and in the process end up missing the exciting episode of their favorite television series. Moreover, television is a good source of entertainment that helps an individual to revitalize their mind after a tiring day giving them the opportunity to watch the thing that they like. But it is the time that is holding them back and preventing them from watching their favorite show. If this is the case with you also then do not worry as a solution has come up.

Technological advancement is taking place at a rapid pace. With each passing day, some or another innovation is taking place across the globe. Indeed technology is a boon to human lives. With the emergence of technology combined with adequate knowledge, a video streaming application has come up in the market. It will enable you to watch your favorite show even after the show gets over. You will no longer miss your favorite television series from now on because of the arrival of this application. So enjoy your favorite television series even after the show gets over.

Showbox for iPad iPhone Download Guide November 2018:

showbox for iPad

Showbox has emerged as a well-liked video streaming application that gives the opportunity to watch the favorite TV shows or movie at free of cost. A television series that you have missed which you did not want to miss out but circumstances made you miss it, here the application comes to your aid. If you are away from, your television you can watch it on your Smartphone if you have a data connection to it.  The application is completely free and was primarily built for Android but now it is compatible with iOS, PC, and Blackberry.

What are the Best Features of Showbox for iPhone iPad?

Features of Showbox for iPad and iPhone are filled with a number of features. Here are some of the features:

  • Wide collection- the application for iPhone is packed with media content which you like to watch. It includes popular new and old TV shows, Hollywood and Bollywood movies, movie trailers, video songs, and cartoon. The content is already uploaded and will last a lifetime.
  • Stream and download movies- streaming and downloading favorite movies from the Showbox for iPhone in HD is easy. You no longer have to wait for the most recent Hollywood and Bollywood movies as you will find it in the application once the movies are released.
  • The application has a user-friendly interface and can be understood easily by a novice person.
  • It is completely free and you can view anything anywhere.

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Steps to Download Showbox for iPad iPhone:

The application is not available in the Apple Store, so you might think it will be a difficult task as you have to download it using an external source. The application can be easily installed on your iOS device. There are two methods by which the application can be installed on an iOS device.

Method 1: Install Using VSHARE

You need to download vShare before installing Showbox on your iPad or iPhone. For installing the application using vShare follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open Safari browser on your iOS device and on the address bar type
  2. If your iOS device is not jailbroken then for downloading choose un jailbroken download version or else choose the jailbreak edition.
  3. Click the install button and the download will start soon. You need to wait for sometime before proceeding further.
  4. Open the vshare application by going back to the home screen
  5. Click on the search logo in the Vshare and start searching for Showbox for iPhone
  6. Choose the suitable result and begin downloading the application for your device.
  7. After the download is done, go to the download folder and install the application
  8. Wait till the installation is complete and the icon of ShowBox will appear on your home screen
  9. Open the application, fill the login details and start browsing the application for the show that you want to watch.

Method 2: Install Using IPA Method

Using the IPA method installing Showbox on your device is simple and easy.

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iPad or iPhone
  2. Type Showbox IPA for iOS 6 or below
  3. Click the Movie Box app IPA for iPhone 7
  4. You will get a direct button for installing this application on iPad
  5. After the application is downloaded, install it on your iPhone and take the benefits of the application.

The above-mentioned two methods are the best for installing Showbox for iPhone or iPad. If you are not able to download the Showbox App on your iOS device then try the MovieBox App for iPad and iPhone. Check step by step process to download MovieBox Application on iOS device below.

Download the MovieBox App for iPad or iPhone to Watch Latest Movies Free:

MovieBox is one of the best movie streaming Apps which is also available on your iPad, iPod, iPhone. MovieBox streaming app is the ultimate media player app and supports all kind of formats like mp4, Flv, WMV and more. You can watch or download all kinds of HD movies, TV Shows, and Music videos through this MovieBox App. It is the best replace of Showbox for iPad.

  • First, You have to download the Emus4u App on your iOS device.
  • Open the Safari Browser and Enter the “” in search bar.
  • Emus4u website will open.
  • There is a yellow button, Click on “Install onto your iDeivce”.
  • A popup window will open and It is asking you to grant the permission.
  • Click on Allow.
  • A new page will open and Click on “Install” at the top right corner.
  • Now, It will ask Authentication then Just enter the your iOS device password.
  • Finally, tap on ‘Install’ to download Emus4u App on Your iOS device.
  • You will get Emus4u application in your home screen or Apps.
  • Open the Emus4u application on iPad or iPhone.
  • Choose ‘Apps’ tab held at the bottom.
  • Next, You will see the no of categories.
  • Choose the “Streaming Apps” Category.
  • In this category, You will get a MovieBox App.
  • Tap on install MovieBox on iOS.

Showbox is the best mobile application for watching TV shows or movies while you are on the go. Start downloading Showbox App on your iPad or iPhone and start enjoying watching movies and TV Shows with Showbox for iPad or iPhone, and you will never get bored sitting at home.

Best 5 Showbox Animated Movies November 2018 to Watch Online Free

Showbox Animated movies have always fans from older people to kids and everyone loves to watch them. A lot of movies releases every year. But all of them will not attract viewers. To get more viewer attraction there should be some special element. 2018 was a good year with a lot of good animated movies. Most of them were commercially successful.

For those people who love to watch animated movies online, Showbox App is a good choice. Here you will get all the animated movies without any hindrance. The only condition to watch a movie without any interruption is to have a good quality internet connection. Watch them and enjoy anywhere. Here are some top Showbox Animated movies released in 2018.

Top 5 Showbox Animated Movies Watch Free Online on Your Device with Showbox Apk:

showbox animated movies


Coco is an American 3D animated fantasy film released by Walt Disney. The director of the movie is Lee Unkrich. The movie shows the story of a 12- year boy who accidentally transported into the land of the dead. He is trying to come back to the living world with the help of his great-great-grandfather. The movie has got many awards as a best and listed one of the Showbox animated movies of 2018. You can watch any movies in the Showbox app.

Loving Vincent:

Loving Vincent is the animated biographical animated film about the life of a painter Vincent Van Gogh. Especially about the circumstances of his death. A young man came to last hometown of painter to deliver his last letter and ends up in investigating his final days there.  It is the first fully painted animated movie. Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman are the directors and writers of the movie. This movie has received many awards and recognitions for its excellence.

The Lego Batman:

Lego Batman is a 3D animated superhero comedy movie produced by Warner Animation group. Chris Mckay is the director of the film. The main plot of the film is the attempt of Batman to stop the Jokers latest plan. The story has an interesting twist and turns, and you will love the animation. Don’t miss this movie if you are a fan of Showbox animated movies.

The Boss Baby:

The Boss baby is an animated film in the comedy genre. This movie is an adaption of a picture book of the same name written by Marla Frazee. Tom McGrath is the director and Written by Michel McCullers. The story narrates about a suit wearing a briefcase carrying a baby who is a secret agent in the war between adult’s love between babies and puppies. The movie has got well reception among the audience received many awards worldwide. You can watch the movie if you love to watch funny animated movies.

Your Name:

This is a Japanese animated romantic fantasy drama movie written and directed by Mokoto Shinkai. The movie has got many awards for a best-animated movie. The story of this movie is the romance between a boy from Tokyo and a girl from rural Japan. They swap their bodies and strange things happen after that. Both won’t remember the things happening after swapping their bodies. This is an interesting movie to watch as a movie lover. You can watch this movie with the help of subtitles from Showbox.

Those are some popular movies for you to watch in the animated film category. Watch then for free online. All of them were hit movies that released in 2018. Showbox allows you to watch them free if you can download the app on your device. This app is compatible with any device type.

Download the version that suits your device. Without waiting for download the Showbox App and enjoy unlimited entertainment anywhere anytime.

Showbox not Working Error? – Fixed Here for Android and iOS Devices

With the advancement in technology and better usability of the Internet, there is no doubt that the Showbox app has gained popularity over the past few years. However, there are some obvious situations like cache issues or bugs problems that may create an error and result in an interruption to the Showbox app working. At such point of time, you need to follow some guidelines that can help you deal with different situations that usually causes Showbox not Working problem.

Know More About the Showbox App: It is one of the best entertaining App that helps you stream TV shows, movies, and other online channels without taking much time of buffering. The app is designed to offer the viewers with great clarity and view to enjoy. Within your tiny SmartPhone, you can enjoy this app for free of cost. As said earlier Showbox app is the leading platform to enjoy watching streaming TV shows and movies.

It is available for iOS and Android users as well. Showbox Apk does not matter which Smartphone you have you can get this app installed on the device and enjoy watching the shows anytime. It is filled with ample of features that you can download and let yourself get more close to family entertainment. Check steps on how to fix Showbox not working error below.

Dealing With Different Errors of Showbox not Working:

Showbox not working

Showbox is widely known for the flexibility and feature which it offers, unlike other phones. Once you install the Showbox Apk version on your mobile there are some chances when you may not be able to actually enjoy watching the TV shows or movies due to ‘Showbox has stopped working error.’

Dealing with Update Not Working Error:

Sometimes, you may get an error stating that Showbox has stopped working or was removed from the Play store due to irregular performance. This online app is known for ideal entertainment by which you can enjoy watching TV shows and movies. In case, You face this type of error, then you need to restart your modem or connect the internet again.

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Dealing with Showbox Video Not Available Now Error:

This is one of the frequent problems that you may face for which the solution may vary as per the device that you have.  You are advised to not install movies from sites like torrents as Showbox has the best collection of movies and shows. While watching any video if you get an error stating that this video is not available then here are few important tips that you need to follow:

  • Reinstall the latest version of Showbox Apk
  • Open the app and check if Showbox has stopped working,
  • In Settings option, select Apps and click on Showbox and clear cache and reinstall it again.
  • Choose the movie that you wish to see and click on ‘Watch’ Button.

Dealing with Showbox Has Stopped Working on PC/Windows Users error

In the previous situation we learned Showbox not working error that if your app opens up and the video does not play, the above steps can be helpful but if you are not able to the app on your PC or Windows then you need to follow given below steps:

  • Reinstall Showbox app
  • Run the android emulator
  • There will be a tine option that will pop up, click on it
  • Take your cursor on the Settings option and select App Manager
  • An image will appear along with a message on whether you want to select Showbox app or not
  • Click on the Showbox app and remove it permanently.
  • Then reinstall the latest version of the app which is Apk V 4.04
  • In the download option, you will find the latest version
  • Install it and you are free to enjoy the TV shows and movies again

Dealing with Cache Error:

There are chances that you may face cache error if you have not use the app from a long time. This may lead to frequent crashes of the app and it may not work. At such time, you need to follow the given below steps:

  • In your device, go to setting option and check “General” category
  • Select Application Manager and choose All Application or All option
  • Click on “Showbox” app that you will find on the list and tap on
  • After that find “Showbox” app from the list and select it ‘Clear Cache” button

In case you frequently face such problems, then it is better to contact the support team. If you are still facing problem with Showbox APK then download the MovieBox APK which is the best alternative to watch movies and TV shows on your device.

Download Showbox APK v5.09


If you are looking for latest version v5.09 APK file of Showbox application then you have got the right article. In this, We have written all new updates and Bugs of v5.09 APK and Get the all new information and updates of Showbox version 5.09. Now a days all the the movie lovers want to watch the movies on Android mobiles or tablets which is the most popular app. It is used by all the people who can watch the movie by sitting at their house, Office when ever they fell like free, but their is a new version. We already know that It is not available in Google play store So, You have to update the old version or download the Showbox APK v5.09 file which is given below.

Information of Showbox V5.09:

  • Application Name: Showbox V5.09
  • Version name: 5.09
  • File Size: 40 MB
  • Required Specifications: Android 4.0 or above.
  • Free Disk Space Required: 100 MB (Recommended), 2GB RAM.

Which Types of Bugs are Fixed in this Version?

  1. Showbox App has got performance very well on 2G connection devices.
  2. Video Keeps Crashing while Streaming — This bug has fixed, Now you can watch movies and videos online without hanging.
  3. Recent Movies and TV Shows Added.
  4. Fixed wrong categories – Some movies were listed in wrong categories in previous version.

Features of Showbox APK v5.09:

  • We can enjoy the movie in different quality HD ,Medium, low 360p, 720p and even with subtitles.
  • In this v5.10, Movies are played smoothly without any interrupts.
  • Now, We can watch all cartoon videos also. It is showing that Showbox is the best alternative to Cartoon HD App.
  • We can watch the movies and any other video content continuously without breaking (buffering).

How to Download the APK v5.09 of Showbox?

  1. Enable the Unknown source on your device which option in located under the device settings option.
  2. Download the APK v5.09 of Showbox Application from below.

showbox apk v5.09

3. Get the download folder and right click on APK file.

4. Run to Install.

5. After few minutes, Your Android device has got the latest v5.10 APK of Showbox.

6. Open it, Go to search bar and type the your favorite movie or any other video content.

7. Enjoy the all latest features of Showbox APK.

If you have any issue or If you have found any bug then Intimate me through comment box which is given below.

Download Showbox APK v5.10

showbox apk v5.10

Showbox application helps you in the best way. One can find numerous movies, TV shows and more on it. If you are an Android user and are seeking to watch films for free then, This app is a perfect one. You can even save your income by watching the latest movies on this app. Here is everything you need to know about the Showbox APK V5.10 for Android. Check the complete procedure to download and install the Showbox App on Android using the apk file. Have a look!

This App gives all its entertainment specific services to all the users living across the countries such as North America, Central America, and South America. The primary service offered by Showbox App is streaming diverse digital content for free for all the movie lovers. The users can make use of this Showbox App for free and for the subscription. If you use this app for free of cost, you need to prepare to watch the commercials content like Ads in between the videos or movies.

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Features of Showbox APK V5.10:

showbox apk v5.10

You know that, In every update has more videos, movies and music. Same is true with the version 5.10. Here are some of the wonderful features and services offered by the Showbox App for all the Android users:

  • One can stream the movies, TV shows and more for free through the Showbox app.
  • The users can easily search their favorite shows in their desired genres. Some of them include comedy, action, drama and more.
  • You will get the top recommendations through our team at the Sony Pictures Studio.
  • You don’t need to have a subscription to your cable for accessing this app on the Television.
  • The users need to create a free account on this app in order to save their place.
  • There is a feasibility to save your desired movies on your Watch List to watch them later.

Steps to Download Showbox APK V5.10:

  • Take your Android device and Go to Settings>>Security.


  • Enable the option of Unknown Sources under Security option.
  • This option allows permission to download apps or games from 3rd party websites.
  • Download the Showbox APK V5.10 File which is given below.


  • Go to download folder, Find it and Click on it to Install.
  • After few minutes, Your device has got the Showbox APK 5.10 Version.
  • Enjoy the streaming latest movies and TV shows online free.

Download Showbox APK with Scan QR Code

If you want to watch your favorite movies and looking for the best online movie Apps that provides best quality video, then head over to the Showbox application. People can also download the application on their smartphones and enjoy watching the movies in their mobiles. Along with Showbox, there are other online movie Apps are available which are also offering similar services to the people. But Showbox Application is the malware or virus free App, Provides the best quality of movies or TV shows and offers various services to its users and doesn’t ask you to subscribe premium mode in order to stream the movies and TV shows.

Here is the latest version of Showbox App is 5.11. If you are looking for previous version then you can check or scan below QR Code.

Scan Below QR Code to Download the Apk Directly. If in case you are not able to scan, then you can use the download button which is provided below.showbox-apk-scan-qr-code

Installation Process From Third Party App:

    1. Visit the settings option on your Android device.
    2. Go to the general option, open the security option and click on the toggle button to allow unknown sources to be downloaded on your device.
    3. Showbox is not available in Google Play store, You will have to download it from the this site, Making it a non market app.
    4. By switching on the allow unknown sources option, You are allowing non market apps to be downloaded on your Android device.
  1. Click on the download button which is given below and allow the apk file of Showbox to download on your device.
  2. Once the entire contents of the Showbox Apk file have downloaded on your device, You can click on the Showbox icon to launch the App on your Android smartphone or Tablet.
  3. You can now enjoy the features and benefits of Showbox.


In conclusion, Download the Showbox APK which is contains the best and all time highest grossing and best movies throughout the world. Don’t miss to watch the amazing movies and favorite TV shows.

MovieBox APK V5.11 | Download the Movie Box App for Android Phones

MovieBox is a complete entertainment Apk you can use for any of your device. This Apk offers you unlimited movies, TV shows and music. You can stream them online or download it on your device. All of these you can do for free. You don’t have to worry about paying a monthly subscription or anything to get all these features. Only thing you need to do is go to official site of the Apk and download the version corresponding to your device. If you get MovieBox Apk on your device, then you don’t have to go to theaters and wait for tickets.

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You can watch any movie from classic to new releases through MovieBox Apk. Other than movies you can watch all TV shows in this Apk. They update every episode as soon as they telecast in the channel. If you miss an episode you can watch it in MovieBox. Music is a newly added update. You can listen to any songs and download it also. To do all these only you have to do is to get a good quality internet connection and there you go. Dive into the world of entertainment and forget everything else.

All of us have different choices for movies. Some like to watch comedy movies and some others action. Don’t worry. You will get all types of movies in Movie Box under different menu options. You can watch them instantly or download it and watch whenever you want. They update all new movies immediately. Also, all the movies are of HD quality. You can set the video quality as you prefer depending on your internet connection speed.

moviebox apk

What are the Features of MovieBox Apk?

  • MovieBox allows you to watch movies and serials online as well as offline.
  • No need to signup to get access to this Apk. All you have to do is download the Apk and search for your favorites.
  • MovieBox offers you unlimited entertainment for free.
  • The Apk is designed as easy and simple to use.
  • After you found your favorite movies you can save them on a separate menu and watch whenever you want.
  • They update the data base frequently and you will get all new movies as soon as possible.
  • To control data usage, you can set the quality of movie you need to watch.
  • Using sharing feature, you can share your favorites with your friends.

Steps to Download MovieBox Apk for Android:

  • MovieBox Apk is very easy to download and use for any of your device.
  • Simply follow below steps and get this exceptional Apk.
  • MoveBox Application is not available to download from Google Play store.
  • So, You need to download the Apk file of MovieBox from below

  • Download Link
  • Before that, Take your Android Smart Phone or Tablet.
  • In your Android device, Go to settings>Security> enable unknown sources.
  • By doing this you are allowing the device to download any Apks from unknown sources.
  • After doing this, download the MovieBox Apk file Which is Given below.
  • After completing download, Tap on install button.
  • Now you are good to go.
  • Open the Apk and select the movie you want to watch.


Steps to Download MovieBox Apk for PC on Windows 10/8.1/7:

  • MovieBox Apk is available for Windows also.
  • For that, you need to download an Android emulator called Bluestacks on your device.
  • Download Bluestacks Emulator from on your PC Windows 10/8.1/7.
  • After that, Go to download folder and Click on Apk file to Install Bluestacks.
  • After installing it, You can download MovieBox Apk from Bluestacks.

  • Open the Bluestacks Application, Go to Browser and Search for Moviebox Apk file and Download it.
  • Make sure to download correct version of the Apk that fits for your device.
  • After completing download process right click on it and run the MovieBox Apk with Bluestacks
  • Now it will start installation.
  • After completing installation, You can open the Apk and watch the movies as per your preference.

After considering all the above features you will get to know that MovieBox Apk is one of the best among all other Apks of the same category. You can use this Apk without any second thought. You don’t have to pay any charge to use this Apk and no need to remember username and password each time. Just open the Apk and start using it. Search for your favorites and watch it instantly or download and watch later. If your internet connection is good, then this will allow you to stream everything faster. Don’t worry about buffering videos. Save data also by selecting video streaming quality. You won’t get all these excellent features together from a single Apk.

Apps Like Showbox – Best Alternatives to Show Box Apk 2018 Movies?

Showbox app is one of the trending ones among the Android and iOS users for the obvious reasons and that is amazing clarity and great streaming facility. However, it is equally a fact that every man-made technology has some error and if an app that has been installed with particular software does not give any error then it would be really surprising. Talking of which Showbox app is one among them. In case, You are looking for some other similar apps like Showbox that would offer you the similar features and flexibility then listed are few options that you might want to take a look at.

Over the past few years, Showbox app and its developers have gained a good response for creating it. However, due to some bugs and cache errors, people have also searched for apps like Showbox that would give similar results. Here is the list of apps that you may want to try to enjoy movies and videos.

Apps Like Showbox to Watch Showbox Movies:


Apps Like Showbox

Movie Box App:

This app is considered to be a perfect option to Showbox because it offers similar features like Showbox. In this app, you can enjoy a wide blend of new and old movies option without much buffering issue. You can also get details about the reviews and ratings of new movies, the subtitle for the movie in a different language and much more that would leave no barrier. It has the quality of 480 p and 720 p for better choice and is available for platforms like iPad and iPhone. Check my previous article on MovieBox Apk download guide to watch movies and TV shows free.

PlayBox HD:

This is another popular app that is specially designed for iPad and iPhone users. This app is known for online video streaming entertainment and is compatible with all iPhone. Certainly, over the Showbox app, this app is considered to be the best platform for entertainment. It does not have any errors or does not get stopped frequently and the good part is you can watch the movies without compromising with its quality.


This company entered into the entertainment industry in the year 2000 and since then it has been ruling the entertainment industry. To use this app, You need to subscribe to it. Once you subscribe, You can enjoy and get access to different TV shows and a wide range of movies with the best HD quality. The good part is this site allows you to enjoy a great quality content that is exclusively put across by Netflix. Simply sign up and fill some necessary details and then you are free to use it for entertainment.

Crackle App:

This is another popular alternative to Showbox as it has got some amazing features stored up for you. It comes with around 20-30 millions of active users that are regularly following it. In case you like any particular video or wish to watch a video later, then you can add it to the library. It is available for iPhone and Android users

CinemaBox HD:

With this great app, you can have a great collection of TV shows and movies. You don’t have to pay any subscription fees. This app works on different platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS. Every month, new content gets uploaded to this entertainment app. The designers have integrated a good user interface due to which people can use this advanced app easily

Movie HD App and Megabox HD App:

Whether you opt for Megabox or choose Movie HD app, both these apps proves to be a tough competition to Showbox app and is considered to be a great alternative where you can enjoy watching all types of movies with great quality.


This alternative app is available for free of cost where you can get a good collection of movies, TV shows, and HD viewers. You can use it on Windows, Mac, and Android devices as well. With amazing performance and good interface, this app is worth to try.

Sky HD App:

This app is created by the HD Cinema app developers and is considered as one of the best alternatives to Showbox. With unlimited movies and videos to enjoy, this app of entertainment is certainly a must try.

If you are looking for online entertainment other than using Showbox, then you should try the above-mentioned similar apps like Showbox.

Download MegaBox HD Apk for Android to Watch MegaBox Movies

Out of the numerous entertainment apps in the mobile apps market, MegaBox HD App is one of the most popular, dependent and easily accessible apps available. One can stream and download the latest movies, TV shows, animated movies, plays etc. in High Definition (HD) for free in their Smartphone by MegaBox app. You will not find this app in the Google play store and you need to download it from the other sources which are available in abundance and from the official sites. In this article, we will explain you how to Download and install MegaBox HD Apk on your Android devices.

Generally Android users download apps and games from the Google play store but as MegaBox app is not available in the Play store, you need to download it from the other sources which are available in plenty. It is completely a free app and you can just download and install it and enjoy the unlimited HD videos for free. MegaBox HD Apk is available for all Android versions which are below of android lollipop 5.0 version. MegaBox HD app supports to (lollipop<5.0), kitkat, jellybean, honeycomb, gingerbread etc all versions.

About the MegaBox HD:

Name MegaBox HD Apk.
Purpose to Watch Movies and TV Shows in HD.
Contains Latest All Movies.
Is it Premium Mode?. No, Free App
Latest and Running Version 1.0.5
Download Time for Apk file 1.05 Sec in Mobile.
File Size 2.26 MB.
Required Versions 3.0.x and above.
Is it Safe to have? 95% Safe.
Can We Download Movies? Yes.
Where Can We Download the Apk File? Download Link

What are the Latest Features of MegaBox HD Apk for Android?

MegaBox HD Apk

MegaBox HD Apk has many distinctive features and some of them include,

  • MegaBox HD Apk offers latest movies and TV shows in HD clarity for free.
  • Offline feature in it will give you access to the downloaded videos even without the internet connection.
  • MegaBox app allows you to choose the quality of video depending upon the compatibility of your device.
  • You can find a wide range of subtitles in different languages for the videos available.

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MegaBox HD Apk Download for Android – Step-by-Step Procedure:

  • Download MegaBox App apk file from Here.
  • Since the App sources are different, You need to turn on unknown sources option in your security tab of the smartphone or tablet. unknown-source-enable
  • Now go to the file rectory where you have downloaded the MegaBox app apk file.
  • Click on the apk file downloaded to install it.
  • Press install button and the app will be installed on your devise. After installation, there will be an option displayed to open the app.
  • Click on Open button after the installation and enjoy the free unlimited world of movies and videos.

How To Use MegaBox HD Apk?

1. On the movie menu, you will find numerous movies in HD clarity and you can search your favorite movie through the search option available.

2. Once you select the movie of your choice, just click on the movie and stream it by selecting the resolution needed or compatible to your device.

3. If you want to download the video onto your device, you will find the download icon on the top of the video and you can click on it and download the movie in the resolution you wanted.

Bottom Line:

With this we conclude the article by explaining how to download, install and use the MegaBox HD Apk on your Android device. You can follow these procedures accordingly and enjoy the HD videos on you android devices for free and Showbox App is the best alternative to MegaBox HD Apk to watch movies. So, Here is the guide on how to download Showbox Apk on Your Android and Windows. In case of any problems using your MegaBox HD Apk, Just comment below so that we can help you out for the possible extent.


Q: Is MegaBox HD safe to download?

Ans: Yes, MegaBox HD App is completely safe to use and You can stream one year old movies and favorite TV shows free.